1 oz Vienna Philharmonic Silver Coin (2019)

Buy the 2019 1 oz Silver Vienna Philharmonic

The 2019 1 oz silver Vienna Philharmonic coin can be ordered right now at coininvst.com. Part of one of the world's most sought after coin series' the 'Philly' is an excellent investment for buyers at every level.

Discover a classic – the 2019 1 oz Silver Vienna Philharmonic

One of the most stable coins for investment purposes, the 2019 1 oz Silver Vienna Philharmonic coin may have a face value of EUR1.5 but its true worth is considerably more. This very tradeable coin is sure to be snapped up quickly – not only by investors but by fans who enjoy having every edition in their collections.

Among the details that set the Vienna Philharmonic silver bullion coin apart, its timeless obverse and reverse designs are high on the list. Both the obverse and reverse designs for this beautiful coin were created by Thomas Pesendorfer. The obverse carries a magnificent depiction of the famous pipe organ that stands in the Vienna Musikverein's Golden Hall. The reverse features a selection of musical instruments that might be played by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra including four violins, a Vienna horn, a bassoon and a harp arranged around a central cello.

Why choose the 2019 1 oz Vienna Philharmonic silver coin?

It's hardly surprising that the silver Vienna Philharmonic, affectionately known as the Philly, features regularly among the world's top five most popular investment coins. Its classic design features combined with its exceptional quality and its .999 fineness ensure that each year's new release is an event for enthusiasts.


One troy ounce of fine .999/1000 pure silver

The latest release in the Austrian Mint's famous Vienna Philharmonic series

Legal currency backed by the Austrian government - face value of EUR1.50

Reverse shows a selection of refined musical instruments by artist Thomas Pesendorfer

Obverse features the famous pipe organ from the Golden Hall at the Vienna Musikverein, also by Thomas Pesendorfer

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Mint: Austrian Mint
Fine weight: 1oz