Information about Tresory

How it works

How it works

Sign up on Tresory Marketplace and find silver/gold items for investment or collection offered near you. Whether you are an investor, collector, trader or just want to swap an item, follow the steps below to get started:

Discover/Post Amazing Items

  • Find investors, collectors, or traders with spare items, assets and exclusive offers near you.
  • Post your products quickly and make profit in a trusted community.

Book a Listing

  • Connect with renters, confirm availability/specifications, negotiate and pay — all through Tresory’s Marketplace.
  • Quickly find gold or silver coins or bullion bars near you.

Delivery & Return of order

  • Receive delivery of your goods.
  • Gain trust on the marketplace by returning rented items on schedule.
  • Get good ratings when you deliver quality services and products to your customers.

Governing rules

Your safety and the safety your items or money is our priority, hence, we have documented the following rules that will guide every user/transaction on the Tresory Marketplace.

  • No sharing of contacts before payments.
  • All payments should be made through Tresory Marketplace, to help facilitate refunds or resolution should there be any breach.
  • All payments/services made outside the Tresory Marketplace will not be covered by our User Insurance Program.
  • Any conversation found to be misleading or aimed at scamming other users may get you banned from the Marketplace.

Service Fee

To keep the marketplace running and be able to improve on our services, the Marketplace receives a certain percentage of every transaction on the marketplace, depending on the listing categories. If you are a vendor or seller, renter or service provider and prefer a custom offer for your transactions on the marketplace kindly contact the marketplace team. We'll be flexible to your negotiations.

Refund Policy

To request a refund of your money or to register your disatisfaction of the service offered or report a user, kindly send an email to [email protected] We will be delighted to resolve your issues.

Please be informed that the above is a living guide, and we'll be constantly updating our approach to meet the needs of our community.

Feel at home, anywhere you are in Nigeria and do business all in one place. 

Learn more about trading  on the Tresory Marketplace and show your clients they have no are limits.

A Community Built on Trust

Profiles and Reviews

Tresory Marketplace users get to know each other through detailed profiles, personal reviews, and confirmed verifications.

Trusted Services

Tresory verifies personal profiles, maintains a smart messaging system where traders/investors can communicate with each other with confidence, and collect and transfers payments securely.

24/7 Customer Support

Our first-class customer support team is ready to help you around the clock, anywhere in Spain.